Birthday Wish List

Every girl can dream, right? My birthday is in a few days and here I am again listing my top 10.

Since I am going back to school most of the things I want are for school. A few are:

1. Jansport bag

I have always wanted one even back in high school. Since I can afford it, its high time that I get one for myself. But it will be great if someone gave me one 😀

My mom maybe? HAHAHA!







2. Book Chair



Yep. I want to go to have a chair for my books, especially now that I would have to study 4 times as hard. I have to take in 3 subjects but these subjects would be equivalent to 4 semesters of a bachelor degree in Geology. So I need all the help I need.






3. Printer

For my photos and my soon to be papers.

4. IPad 2

If you know me, you know how techie I am. I really really want to have this. I can upload my notes, download eBooks, watch series and movies, surf till my eyes are sore and play games of course! And since I don’t have a laptop anymore this would be very useful to me since I am going to be working full time I need something portable that I can type my papers on.


5. Car



I would be spending around 2 hours on the road everyday, going to school, back home, going to work then back home again. I will have no life from June till October. (so friends forgive me) but it would be very nifty if I am able to travel with ease.



6. Books (Novels)

I want to finish my project for 2012 which is reading one book per week , my funds are really low on this project since I am allotting more of my money and saving for school and incidentals. Any novel would be a great gift, but I am hoping for a copy of Charlotte’s web, A song of fire and ice books 3-5, Wideacre series book 1 and 2, and Eugines books.

I actually want a lot of books but these are my priority 😀






7.  Wooden Bed Frame

My dad will make me one for my studio 😀 So I’m counting it as a gift for my birthday.


8. New Wardrobe


School and work at the same time will surely deplete my stock, stock of money, food, energy, time, and clothes.

I need to buy new simple dresses and shirts that will be easy to wash and dry.

And since I don’t know how to pick my own clothes I need help!





9. Vacation

Ever since my operation I have not been able to go out and play in the sun all day. With recovery and all that these past few months have definitely been hard for me. If someone would gift me a vacation before I go back to school will be great! I want to travel one last time before I put the orange outfit on. LOL! Prisoner of books and homework and work too.

10.  Birthday Cake (and party)


I love seeing my friends and the best gift for me is being with them on my special day. I want to have a party but I don’t know if it will be in my budget. I also want to spend a day with my family, for the past few years I always celebrate with them but again with the budget constraints, it is going to be hard.

It isn’t really necessary to have a party really, I just want to spend the day with the people I love.


so I hope I get to spend my day with you! 😀


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