Graduate School and Me

For those who had been wondering what I actually got applied/accepted for.

When I tell my friends what graduate school I applied to, the first thing that they ask me is: WHY?

Some of the reactions I got were:

– Wow! I didn’t expect that.
– Really?
– Ahh.. (pause) Ok.. (with a hint of confusion)

Though of course there are some positive responses, more often than not the question always is, why. (with a very very big startled question marked face)

To answer the question as to what it is that I actually had applied to, most would guess, an MBA? or something about finance or economics. But no, the answer actually is:


Yes my friends! I applied for the Masters of Science in Geology at the University of the Philippines, and I got ACCEPTED!

WHY? (of course that’s what you said in your head!) Here are some reasons why:

1. Gives me a sense of conviction.

It took a great deal of time before I was able to know what I wanted to do with my life. I actually still am a bit unsure of what I want to be when I grow up. But I have never had more conviction of wanting to take up Geology than anything I can ever remember. In one of the books I am reading right now the author had said, in making decisions you have to take the next right step, and I strongly believe that this is the next right step for me.

2. Excitement

I have not been this excited since I got my first Scholastic award in Kalayaan College. I was given a Division’s list of Scholars award and I didn’t know till that exact moment. So it was like getting an Oscar for me. Yes, I am shallow when it comes to that but I am driven, I am giddy, and I like it.

When I called up the College of Science to ask what the result was I was palpitating. I had breakfast with my friend Shai, I went out of the restaurant to make the call and there you have it, they said YES to me.

3. Dream Fulfillment

Not a lot of people can say that they were able to do what they really wanted to. I want to travel, and immerse myself in a job that will make me happy. Its the kind of fulfillment that even if I don’t get paid i’ll do.

Imagine me propped on the ground and sifting through rocks and dirt. Oh! just the thought of it makes me happy LOL!

4. No regrets

Almost dying had taught me the most important lesson in life, it is only too late if your gone.

As long as I have breath to breathe, I will do anything I can to fulfill a dream.


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