Things I wish I can live without

Sometimes sacrifices must be made for the greater good, may it be for health concerns, social interaction, self development and all that good stuff.

It may not be the new year, but it is never too late to make a resolution, and for me these are the things that I wish I can live without:

  1. Carbonated drinks – Coke and Mountain Dew are definitely my favorite drinks! It gives me energy and makes me feel good with every gulp. I have to learn how to live without it though, because it is bad for my health. 😦
  2. Buying Notebooks and Pens – I am such a sucker for a cute pen and a nice notebook with good quality paper. I just buy them but sometimes I don’t really use them. I have accumulated a few already though when I walk into a bookstore I still check the notebook aisle, I try my best not to buy anything (until my old notebook runs out of pages anyway.)
  3. Eating too much – My doctor prescribed a diet for me, eating small quantities at the right time. But since I do not really have a good and balanced life I don’t know how to schedule eating at the right time, and because of this fact, I tend to eat more than what is necessary.
  4.  Hoarding – Yes! I admit it, I tend to be a hoarder, maybe its because of experiencing too much drama in life, I tend to hold on to things far longer than one should. I have a ton of bags I don’t use, and heaps of clothes that don’t fit. Figurines in boxes, boxes with out anything inside. I’ve got a bad disease.
  5. Procrastinating – my mom will agree with me on this one. I am one big procrastinator. It’s not too evident because I can make it seem as though as I did it even if I didn’t, because at least when it comes to doing things efficiently that is one of my stronger points. But maybe that’s just it, since I know I can do a good or better job in a smaller amount of time I tend to be more lax.
  6. Not being able to say no – Ask me a favor and most likely than not I will say yes. Especially to people I like. It consumes time, stresses me out and have a constant nagging woman in my head saying “you should have said no”

These are just some simple things that I can think of at the moment. I should really try to stop what I need to stop and avoid things that are not good for me. 😀


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