Every night I lie in bed and contemplate on the things that I want to do. With so much or so little that is going on, my life has become a drag and I have no interest in participating in my indecisive and pitiful day to day life. I want to be able to take charge and DO instead of just sitting here in front of my computer and thinking about useless things.

1. Get rid of half the things in my house

I believe that the material things that I have are holding me back, my sentimental nature makes me hold on to almost everything that I own, and I know that at one point my stuff has to go. Maybe if my house will be decluttered I will feel better (as my mom had suggested)

My ideas:

A garage sale – get some money back for all that I had spent

Donation – just give it all away

Garbage – throw it coz most are useless.


 2. Go back to school

If there is one thing that I am proud to be good at, it’s studying. Not when I was in High school that’s for sure, I didn’t really realize my potential till I was awarded my first Division’s list award in college, now that was a stellar moment, I couldn’t help smiling and since then I have been a sucker for awards or recognition.


Get a second degree – because what I want to do is very obtuse from what I took up in College

Head straight to grad school – take a shot in the dark and take a chance

Wait one more year for an MBA – another year! I have missed the application deadline for 2 years straight, so now I’m thinking it’s not really for me.

3. Travel

Another thing that I am good at is finding deals for cheap travel. It is a very costly hobby at times but I do my best to save for the next trip, one could say that traveling is my vice.

I want to:

Back pack the Philippines – climb mountains, swim seas and eat good food.

Travel SEA – I want to see the rest of Asia once I am done with the Philippines

Back pack the world – then conquer the world.

 4. Blog my ass off

I have been doing my best in keeping up with the times to put up sensible content here and my so called travel blog, but I guess I will just have to merge the two.

5. Photoshoot

I miss shooting. I will even do it for free.

I want to shoot:






6. Read till my eyes bleed

I am stuck with 16 books, my goal for this year is 52 books, 1 book for every week, but since I was sick and now back to work, and then hopefully back to school, I wonder if I am able to keep up with the challenge.

 7. A new phone

My iPhone 3g is so slow; loading a message takes half a minute. And with my life style and my constant need for connectivity. I badly need an upgrade.


Galaxy note

iPhone 4s

 8. Lose weight

Since my operation I had lost 8lbs and I need to lose 10 more so I can get back to my original weight. I have gained so much this past year and so did my boyfriend. LOL!

Sport choices:

Yoga – just light yoga since I can’t move the middle part of my body as much as I would like it to.

Walking – I can’t run yet, a bummer.

Swimming – but just for an hour or less every other day, so not unless I have some kind of membership somewhere or a cheap pool I can go to, It’ll be a waste.

 9. Shop

I need to get rid of most clothes (since they do not fit) but I am not a real fan of shopping.

Things I need:

Clothes – dresses mostly, since I am not able to wear blue jeans (thanks again to my operation)

Furniture – I need to buy a bed frame, I am tired of sleeping on a futon (i have been for years!)

  10. Sew

Yes. I want to learn how to make things, so if you know a good school, please tell me, because I want to learn to sew.

Not a very ambitious list right? (sarcasm LOL!) This is what I have so far, nothing that I have not said I wanted before; there is definitely a pattern here.

Well, I guess I’ll figure out what to do in the next few months when I get the result of my grad application. I’ll know with in a week or two 😀


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