Ikot Ikot

Ok Ok.. So I haven’t been the best in keeping my blog up to date, being sick a couple of weeks back (well I still kinda am sick), I am now well enough to compose my thoughts and write.

I spent the day today going to different college/s buildings.

First, I went to Kalayaan College, my Alma mater. I got a certified copy of my diploma. It was a nice thing that it was really cheap because my funds at this point are very low. My Social Security cheque has not arrived yet and I still have a few days till I get paid at work. So anyway, after that I met my dad, I asked him to secure a copy of my birth certificate from the NSO (alas more money out than in).

We arrived at the campus at noon so we decided to go to the UP Coop or shopping center to have lunch at Rodic’s, we waited for lunch hour to be over so that the offices will be open for the submission of my application, aroung 12:40 we headed to the 2nd building of the day, the College of Science. When we reached the building the Guard told us that all administration offices of the science department has been transferred to the Annex of the Mathematics Building.

So from there we walked through the Science Park to the Math building (3rd college). We waited a couple of minutes till the Graduate Office opened. Bad news though, I was not able to complete my requirements. I had not yet paid the fee.

Paying the fee was not that easy, you have to go to the ISSI building first, and a non-UP student like me, the ISSI is very Greek o me.

I walked back to the Science building (mind you its not like its a short walk) and being injured, It wasn’t that easy for me. Took the UP ikot, went to ISSI (Institute for Small-Scale Industries near NCPAG) paid my dues then went back to the Science building, walked through the Science park, and some one hour later, I was back where I started, the Annex of the Mathematics Building.

Yes, I know it was my fault that I did not research where I needed to pay my fee, and it did say specifically in the application form, enclose payment through the UP Cashier. Coming from a small school and every office within reach, I under estimated the magnitude of the campus.

After 4 UP ikot rides and the receipt of my fee on hand, I was more scared than ever, imagine something of the university with my name on it (sorry I’m not from here so this for me is very exciting). Maybe this dream of going to UP, and becoming a Graduate school student can come true.

So back in the Graduate Office of the Science Department, (Good thing that on this hot summer day, 34 degrees in Manila, their offices were air-conditioned) I sorted my papers, stapled my picture, filled out one more form, attached my essay, enclosed my transcript, diploma and birth certificate, handed it to the guy who mans the desk.

Now comes the hardest part. I wait.

I wait for their verdict, if I am ever to get a chance for an interview with the dean. If I am able to climb up the window that was opened for me when the other door closed. I pray that they give me a chance.

Though now, there is nothing more for us to do but Wait. 😀


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