Every night I lie in bed and contemplate on the things that I want to do. With so much or so little that is going on, my life has become a drag and I have no interest in participating in my indecisive and pitiful day to day life. I want to be able to take … More Do

Ikot Ikot

Ok Ok.. So I haven’t been the best in keeping my blog up to date, being sick a couple of weeks back (well I still kinda am sick), I am now well enough to compose my thoughts and write. I spent the day today going to different college/s buildings. First, I went to Kalayaan College, … More Ikot Ikot

Money Matters

Restricting yourself will only cause you to want more. Think of it this way, no money, no honey, right? I can definitely say, I am tired of living from paycheck to paycheck, I often ask myself, how would I be able to get out of this situation and not just merely exist and be a … More Money Matters