Doctor Day

Today was called self-betterment-day. My dad and I went to the hospital at 8am, I signed up to be checked by 4 doctors. My surgeon, my gastroenterologist, an OB-GYNE and a dermatologist.

I wanted to see where I was at since I have been sick for the past 3 weeks and I just want to be able to take better care of my self.

The whole week is actually self betterment week because I will also go to the dentist this Friday.

So here is what they had to say:

Gastro – “your doing great, it is really a slow recovery for you because you appendix was ruptured, if it wasn’t you’d already be jumping by now. Your sutures look really good, in a years time it won’t be visible (scar).”

Thank God my wounds are not keloidal.

OB-GYNE – I’m not sure if its just me or the Ob’s i have visited were of no help at all! It’s as if they aren’t taking me seriously. And seriously I’m sick in there.

Surgeon – to be continued later, my surgeon was on a medical mission, God bless her. She is the kindest and sweetest doctor I have ever met (oh my dentist as well)

Derma – my favorite part! Though I look like a pock marked girl, I had my warts removed. Boy it was painful but I can’t wait to see my face clear and wart free. Good thing I am on a 1 month leave from work because my face would have it’s time to heal.

I also had my hair cut and my eyebrow threaded while waiting for my turn at the doctors office.

So I may be incomplete but I am working my hardest to be better to my self, inside and out. 🙂


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