Back to work

I know I haven’t been posting lately, after being back from my Vietnam-Cambodia-Thailand trip I came down with tonsillitis, I wasn’t able to go to work, much rather, get out of bed to write.

I wasn’t weak from it or anything I just needed a week of hibernating for a new and improved me (well not really).

I hid from the world, watched a marathon of Gilmore Girls on DVD, and slept the whole day, now I have my voice back, though not 100%, I was able to update my photos with my trip and I was able to have a really long and good sleep.

Going back to work would not be that easy but I wanted to take a rest for sometime now to put some order and perspective to my life, I will continue to work where I am, do good at it, sell a lot of stuff and come home with tons of money, then I will plan my next big trip and next small trip.

I will develop my business, so that I can have a side job, and maybe have one more, I will also need to fill out my college application form since I am planning on going back to school. Everything is all set in my head, I just need a strict follow through, I need to be able to focus to make things work. In the end all of this will be for me too right?

I wish I had more hours to my day, or I wish I am able to turn back yesterday and went back to school much earlier than I did, but hey, I just need to do the best I can, I am not getting any younger, and my bucket list is not getting any smaller, but I have to do what I can, when I can and as soon as possible, I will not cram all things in one go so I may be able to enjoy life, but I will do what I can to make things work, its only February, 2012 still has a long way to go.


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