Busy Bee

The days of January had passed and it was like a blur, with Christmas and the New Year celebrations forgotten, before we know it its already Valentines day.

My days were filled with reading, and I am making one of my things-to-do on my Race to 100 bucket list come true.

I love to travel and I love the beach, but I don’t know how to swim. My mom was a varsity swimmer in UST when she was still studying there some 20 years ago, but since my Grandmother (from my dad’s side) is very strict and does not like for me to study classes in summer (i wanted to be a gymnast, a swimmer and a pianist back then).

So this year I am hoping to check at least 10 off my Race to 100 list, so I am learning how to swim. On my first two hours I was able to manage really well, and it felt so natural to me. 😀 splashing trough the pool, racing back and forth made my body ache, but it is an achievement that will help me do more things, like working in a cruise ship or be a flight stewardess.

I am so proud of myself for doing this, next up after my lessons will be surfing and scuba diving with my mom, so this means I will go back to Cebu in a few months to spend more time with her.



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