Since its Chinese New Year

Every New year I try my best to have the house cleaned and decluttered, change sheets and pillow covers, have everything laundered, fill my wallets with money and cook delicious food. Because in my point of view doing such would mean that the whole year would be prosperous and filled with positive things only.

I know I am not the only one who does this, admit it, when the new year comes you do some ritual for your home too.

My family (or at least my mom’s) is purely Chinese. You won’t know when you look at me because I have no hint of the blood at all. And since tomorrow marks a new year for the Chinese calendar, there are some things that I practice as well, as part of Feng Sui I move 7 objects/big furniture around to change the chi or energy source of my house to make the new year full of luck.

Of course I don’t know the right directions and positions that the items would be placed at but I just nee to make sure that when lying down on the bed it must not be adjacent to a door, nor is a mirror, and this mirror should not face the bed either, and  the headboard or any part of the bed for that matter should not be under a beam of the house foundation.

I know it’s crazy but these are the things that I am particular with since I do get nightmares if one of the few things above are true. So actually after finishing this post  I am on to moving furniture around by myself and wishing I would be done in time so I can still catch some sleep. 😀


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