Cebu – my yearly promise

I often go to Cebu to visit my family and most especially my mom, but even if that’s the case I have not really taken a vacation in my mother’s province and there are still a lot of things that I need to experience in the Queen City of the South.

The farthest I was able to reach was a beach in a barangay called Medelin which was almost 5 hours away from the city, but I tell you the drive was well worth it!

The reason why I go to Cebu every year is my promise that I will be there every year for the Santo Nino Festival most commonly known as the Sinulog Festival. It is the time of year where almost all of the residents of Cebu are on the streets watching the colorful and wonderful procession.

There is still a lot of things that I want to do there though. and this is if I ever do go there on a REAL vacation, and I’m hopping that I can do just that.

Some of things I want to do would be the following:

Sky Adventure At the Crown Regency
They have sky walk, drop and also zip line from one tower to another.

Kawasan Falls
My cousin told me that we can go there anytime if I can extend my stay.

Fort San Pedro
Located in the city and I just want to see it so I can compare it to Manila’s Fort Santiago.

Tops, Mount Busay
The view of the city at night they say is breath taking, I wish i could go up there too.

Banatayan Island
I love the beach. And going to a virgin island of white and blue is pure ecstasy.

I wish I knew more about my mom’s town. HA! They why don’t I do just that??

Then I will make it a mission: to know Cebu as I know Manila.

Wish me luck 😀


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