Last year today

Christmas season is a very stressful season, friends, family, work and different factors affect the daily and weekly schedules of dinners, parties and different multitudes of gatherings.

Every year instead of having a Christmas bash we have our annual “afterChristmas Party”, It is held the first weekend of the year, and as it turns out, in 2011 we had it on 1/8/11, then this year we had it today 1/8/12. We enjoy each others company by playing games, bonding over food and drinks, singing and just plain catching up.

Being that college is a the best part of my life so far, the people that I have been with there holds a very special place in my heart. We are composed of mostly couples, Kate and Jerbie, Edward and me, Erin and Marc, and wedded couples Kharlo and Honey, and Dia and Sangco. Plus our 2 single friends Paolo and Elai.

2010 afterChristmas Party, Hollywood Theme

It is great to know that even if we meet just a few times a year, on special occasions, planned trips (which is at least once a year), and on this special day, our groups day, we are still great friends.


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