Dear 2012

2012 has begun and so has my planning. I love lists, and being OC with it is such a pain sometimes. I plan to make 2012 as productive as possible so instead of listing resolutions I listed the things that I want to happen this year.

1. Organize Photos

I have a ton of photos, in DVDs, CDs, Laptop, PC and an external Hard drive. I would love to have a library where it would be easier for me to find my digital photo files with ease.

2. Travel ITs

Itineraries and planning is one of the things that I am good at. I am arranging my 2012 travel year and it is filled and boy oh boy oh boy, not too expensive.

The first six months looks something like this:

January – Sinulog
February – Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand
March – Bicol
April – Sagada
May – Baler
June – Ilocos

Other places: Boracay

3. 365 day Photo Project

Don’t Try, Just DO! one of the things that inspired me to finish this project this year. I love photography and I want to be good at it so I would have to practice it everyday.

4. 52 books

Reading is something that I do to enrich my life, I get my inspirations from books and gives me peace. Focusing my mind on reading keeps the troubles away, and this year I dared myself to be more literate and read at least 52 books, that is one out of every week of the year.

5. Mini Projects

21 days makes a habit. I am planning mini projects in every month of the year, enriching my self in culture, arts, and being able to find something that I can do for the rest of my life is my goal.

6. Business Mind

I would really want to start something this year that would make me financially capable to travel and do more stuff in 2012. I will be busy with things that makes sense and spend less time lying in bed day dreaming.

7. Save

On of my biggest hurdles is being able to save money, but in order for me to do more, the bank must be stable with a sizable amount of savings for a worry free future. I really want to save money! I have prepared a spread sheet for my year, and I am eliminating as much extra spend as possible so on most weekends that I am not out of town I would most likely spend it at home and do my projects.

8. School

I am still undecided as to going for NIGS or CBA in UP. But Geology is calling to me, and my mind and spirit wants this so bad, so well see in a couple of days whether I would be going to take a second course or not.

9. Family

I want to spend more time with my family. Hoping that at least a day in a month would be spent with them.

10. Friends

Having a lot of friends and knowing that I am blessed to be loved by them is a great thing, I would be happy this year if 2012 would be filled with get together or just simple hang outs.


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    1. thank you! and thanks also for following 😀 It’s always nice to know that somebody is visiting here 😀

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