2011 Travel Experience

Travel is an integral party of my life, without it (and photography) I have no idea what other else I would do, to get the day going. Travel makes work tolerable, because at the end of the day there are tons of places that I still want to visit, sights that I still wish to photograph.

2011 was filled with the best trips I have ever had, and to sum it all up here it is:


for 4 years I have always gone to Cebu to visit my mom and my family in January. 2011 was a special Sinulog year because I went with my brother David and we entered our first Photo Contest together, sadly we didn’t win but for me the Photos I was able to take are winners!


It has been a long time since I traveled to this part of the city. A photowalk with my Bellas last January.

Mall of Asia, Manila

Living in the city does not mean that traveling within it is easy, Manila is a very big place and honestly sometimes, going to one part of it means that you would have to travel longer than getting on a plane and visiting Cebu. The pyromusical show in the Mall of asia every February has been a yearly thing that my friends, Kat and Ian attend.


My college friends and I were invited to visit the exclusive beach in Bataan, it was a fun day-trip experience and was actually a first time for us to go out of town and bond last April.

CAPONES and CAMARA, Zambales

I love the beach, I love light houses, I love Island hopping, and I love K&H. We had a pre-nuptual shoot/Vacation in the Province of Zambales last May.


I have always dreamed of going to this village like resort in Bataan, and my dream came true in May. Las casas showcases the Philippine Heritage by reconstructing houses from years ago. I was able to visit this place for free along with my Kalayaan College Staf friends. I was once part of the company so I was a welcome visitor. It was a great adventure for us all.


Since my boyfriend was in the states, May was the busiest travel month for me, it is also a summer month so more beaches for me. A year will not be a complete travel year without going to the Island of boracay, I went with Labs(kat) and David.


One of the things in my bucket list is to see the Chocolate hills in Bohol, ever since as a child I wanted to go there. Working, earning my own money and living on my own lets me do a lot of travels so in June, I celebrated my birthday in the city of Tagbilaran, in Bohol. Bunches graced me with her company and celebrate my Birthday with me.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, 2011


We had originally planned to go to Zambales but it was an epic fail so we ended up taking a jeep, an FX and a Tricycle to reach CME in Taytay. The rainy month of July did not seem rainy at all.


A Photoshoot in the beach! Wonderful! We had a chance to go to Batangas and do some Food Whoring. 2011 travels involved a lot of K&H. August ended with a bang!


I booked a flight for me and my friends to CDO, September kicked off with white water rafting and girl bonding. Kai and Brenda went though Ella and Abbie was not able to make it.


From CDO, the island of CAMIGUIN was only a roro away, we took a Van to the port and made our way to the small but excuisite island.


My travel year ended in November as David, My dad, Kharlo, Honey and I went to Palawan and saw the Underground River, Island hopped and ate tons of food!

So after 5 plane rides, 5 Land travels and 1 ferry ride, 2011 came to a close! Hoping for more trips with more friends in 2012



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