Ten of 2011

We must not say every mistake is a foolish one.     Cicero


We learn from our mistakes it is true, but not everything that happens in our life is all that bad, looking back and being thankful for the year is something that I always do.

So my dear 2011, as we came to a close, I thank you for the wonderful memories, the good and the bad days, the friends and the not so friend, the great and the greatest! 😀

10.  Shoots

I was able to photograph some of the most beautiful girls I know, and I am quite proud of the outcome of the photos that I was able to produce, I am hoping for more this year.

9.  Work

Whatever it is that I am doing, I know that I am good at it, I am now at a 2nd level and I also moved to the sales department, Earning more than I used and being able to go where I want to, and do whatever I want to, What more is there to ask for? So yes, as much as I want to die whenever I go to work, I am thankful for it because if not for my job, then where could I ever be?

8. Friends

I never thought that I would see them as often as I did this year, the year was filled with gatherings, intimate lunches or dinner, or just simply bumping into each other, and I intend to see more of these guys in 2012.

7. Bonding Girls Adventure

Our 2nd grand adventure, the first was in Cebu in 2009 (Ella and Kai), this year we went to CDO and Camiguin (Kai and Brenda), Braved the rapids and white water rafted, took the Roro and went to another Island, I vow that these girls are always going to be in my calendar, the most important people should always be given time, may it be a day or an hour, I wonder where our adventure will be at this year?

6. Photo Books

I always have thought that I took good photos, but I never thought that I could be able to really see them until I had them printed and bound on a book. Receiving the package for my photo book was like receiving an early Christmas gift, I had no idea that I would be able to produce something as lovely as the 2 books I was able to have printed in 2011, the first was a book for Chelle and Peter, then the next is for my 2 best friends Honey and Kharlo. It was a great pleasure shooting you guys! Looking forward to many more!

5. Travel and Travel Blog

I was able to reach more places in the Philippines than I did in 2010. Cebu and Boracay as usual, Cagayan de Oro , Camiguin, Palawan, Batangas, Zambales, Bataan, and Bohol. I am thankful for my travels because somewhat it has reignited the spark of my fate in me. I believed God is all around, and He is great because he gave us everything around us.

4. Amex girls

Peers, they keep us going, and friends on my part is the biggest part that keeps me afloat (that is a 100% irrefutable fact) and if not for these girls, I would not know if I would have been able to go through everyday at work. to my inmates Pie, Shai, Jean and Edmar, I am eternally grateful for your kindness and encouragement, I would not know what life would be at work without you.

3. Honey and Kharlo

My favorite couple, I would do anything for these two. There is nothing else to say but I love you. 😀

2. Family Time

I have spent numerous occasions with them, living on my own is not too easy, and being apart from them is something that I got used to, but being with them on the most important moments is whats important. Life is too short for me not to be able to express to my love for the, and the joy I have to be able to spend some good parts of the year with them.

1. Him

As always, the number one person in my life. Still is for 3 years running. My strength, my happiness and the most important person, Edward, the end of my day. 😀 I love you babe! 😀


2011 has been great! 2012 will be just as great or maybe, just maybe, even better 😀

Thank you friends!!

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