Keeping up

So the days of the week just swept by and in a few days, it is a new month. I am starting February with a blast by going to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. What can be more exciting? I am going with my friends from work, Shai, Pie and Jean. I am so excited to … More Keeping up

Busy Bee

The days of January had passed and it was like a blur, with Christmas and the New Year celebrations forgotten, before we know it its already Valentines day. My days were filled with reading, and I am making one of my things-to-do on my Race to 100 bucket list come true. I love to travel … More Busy Bee

A promise

I don’t care if I have to go out of my way but I made a promise, a promise to visit my mom in Cebu every Sinulog. It is one way of me saying thank you to her and also to celebrate our relationship. I did not really know my mom till I was in … More A promise

Last year today

Christmas season is a very stressful season, friends, family, work and different factors affect the daily and weekly schedules of dinners, parties and different multitudes of gatherings. Every year instead of having a Christmas bash we have our annual “afterChristmas Party”, It is held the first weekend of the year, and as it turns out, … More Last year today