Him 12.25.2011

I am yet to see him today, though today is our 2nd year! (hep hep hooray!) It is also Christmas day but honestly my brother and I just slept it out, I cooked pasta and Lamb steak, and deserts and salads, but mostly will be stocked for the coming new years celebration.

Today is a very special day indeed, I met him in college and he was just the type of guy who kept to himself but once you get to know him he will amuse you with his funny side.

We started going out well over a 2 years ago, we dated for around half a year before we were really together.

A lot of people still tell me that it never occurred to them that we would end up together, they would be really shocked and ask me, “what happened with you two?”. Back in college though we were partners in our papers and reports we had completely separate lives outside of school. I even helped him court some girls and he always listened when I had guy problems. Our personalities are quite the opposite as well, I like going out, telling the world my story, while he is laid back and the secretive kind.

Edward is really God-sent, not only is he my bestest friend in the entire universe, he is the person I admire and as of now cannot live without. Ha always encourages me to be at my best and never lets me make a fool of myself. He is the source of my strength and I always want to be a better person because of him.

If we were not together I know we would still be great friends but now, there is nothing else I would want him to be but mine.

Happy Anniversary Babe! 😀


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