Palawan must: Scorpion on me

Visiting the Butterfly Farm in Puerto Princesa, Palawan was not as great as I expected it to be, the butterflies in the sanctuary looked very tired and worn out, their wings are destroyed and the colors are not as rich as you we had imagined it to.

The only thing that made me feel excited was the other insects in the place, they had a scorpion, beetles, tuko (gecko), spiders and the walking stick.



I had the opportunity to hold the scorpion or rather have it be placed on top of my palms, it was a but frightening but the scorpion did not move so I guess it was alright.

We spent around 20-30 minutes but it felt as thou we really didn’t go there for the butterflies because I can’t even remember one significant moment with a butterfly (unlike the Bohol butterfly farm, it was awesome!).


The afternoon was far from over because there were still some things that we were about to see, our next stop was the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, were at that day a wedding was being held so we didn’t really stay long, then across the street was a serene place called the Plaza Cuartel, once a garrison for Spaniards, American Prisoners of war was burned here by the Japanese in the Second World War. How the place is being kept now is a complete juxtaposition of what  it was before, a place of death to a beautiful and peaceful garden.

Butterfly + Church + Cuartel costs:

Butterfly Garden:      PHP 15
Church:                       Free
Cuartel:                        Free

Total: PHP 15

*some photos taken by my brother David


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