Palawan must: Remembering Humanidades 2

We are not makers of history. We are made by history.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Palawan museum was the last destination of the day, we were all tired from touring the city of Puerto Princesa, but what is a tour of city without going to its museum?

It was late in the afternoon, the Museum didn’t have any other visitors aside from our group, and a family of 3. We explored the first floor and found a lot of shells that can be found in the local beaches of Palawan, they also had a small souvenir shop but there was nothing new there as all of the things sold in the city can be purchased at one of the Souvenir shops in the city. Going through another door we found old instruments that were played by the natives.

Then we went to the second floor and I saw something that made my heart flutter with joy!

There sitting on the spot light, the Manungul jar! I then remembered being in a classroom of sleepy students listening to the voice or Prof. Aurora Lim, going on and on about the natives, the places that she has been and volunteered, and asking us to do a report on Philippine artifacts, and the manungul ja was one of them, normally you would see this jar printed at the back of a PHP 1000 bill, I’d do Prof. Lim proud because I still remembered some of the lectures she gave so this means I learned something from her class in Humanidades (Humanities) 2.

There were more interesting things that can be found in the museum like the old and tired Piano sitting in the corner, and the Kulintangs and Antiques Chinas that were traded way back then. It was a good end to the first day of our adventure.

Palawan Museum costs:

Entrance fee:          PHP 20

Total:    PHP 20



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