48 a day challenge: Week 1

In a previous post I dared myself to only spend PHP 48 a day  (read more here). The first week was a failure but I am still able to spend considerably less.

My normal work week is comprised of cab rides, and jeepneys for public transport, but since my hours have changed and traffic kills my wallet, I decided to take on this challenge, I would spend around PHP 150 a day without food, I seldom eat at work, or I bring my own munchies.

This is how I did this week:

Day 1: PHP 41
Day 2: PHP 41
Day 3: PHP 75 + Personal Stuff (Shai and I went Shopping at the Galleria)
Day 4: PHP 41
Day 5: PHP 99 + Gifts

Weeks grand total : PHP 297

I was PHP 57 over my weekly spend allowance but still it is a great improvement! From 800-1500 a week I went down to a meager 297! and to top it all off I lost 2lbs! GOOD JOB!

No treats for me this weekend though since I’m actually sick in bed. I hope I would be able to hit my 240 budget in week 2 😀


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