I shall amazing race myself

I have been inspired for the past few days with the number of blogs that I have been reading, women and men who have traveled far and wide, and claimed the whole world as their own, as one big home.

I want to do as  they do,  taste life as they do,  go to different places, meet new and interesting people, eat different foods, wear different clothes, learn various cultures.

I have never wanted anything this bad in my entire lifetime.

I am so in to it that I have decided that by 2013, I will go out there and make a mark, I will leave my footsteps in the desert, take pictures of the sea, and live life as if there is no tomorrow.

I shall race like the Amazing race (which is one of the reality TV shows that I really love) and go to as many places as I can possible go to.

I have to make a very sound plan though to be able to accomplish this, I may no be able to make it as far as i dream to or be gone as long as I want to, but I will do everything I can to make this dream come true.

Even if I have to pinch every centavo to make a million, just to make it real!

Traveling is my life!




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