Palawan must: Crocodile dundee

On a previous post I have shared how we met our driver Lino (on previous post), we went out of our hotel and asked him to take us to one of the best restaurants in the city, we had lunch then we went to our first Puerto Princesa destination: The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center more widely known as, the Crocodile farm.

Hearing news about Lolong who was caught a few weeks before our trip, I was excited to see one for myself. It took us about less than an hour to get to the place, we wanted to make it to the 1:30 tour, we paid PHP 40 for the entrance and while waiting for the doors to open we had our pictures taken beside a cute little croc (PHP 30).

Here I am trying to kiss the baby crocodile.

1:30 came and we entered the facility, there was a guided tour of the shelters of the crocodiles, and a canopy where in the crocodiles were down below, everybody was careful and walk silently fearing that the big creatures will suddenly open their jaws and gobble us up, but surprisingly the crocodiles in the pen were very quiet and stable.

We ended up in a mini jungle maze that we can tour by ourselves, we saw different kinds of birds and animals, and they had a reptile house but it only had one snake featured so there is not much to see there really. After walking for what seems like forever, we went back to the entrance to find kuya Lino waiting for us.

cowie on a baby crocThe place is a work in progress, the featured animals are beautiful though the only thing that upset us is that the place was not maintained well, the cobblestones were damaged and the paths to the different animal habitats were unrecognizable, its a good thing that we had the guts to walk farther down the paths otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see as much animals as we did.

The biggest regret I had was not being able to buy crocodile tapa. We were not able to eat any either because we were so full from lunch.

So if you want to eat lunch there it is possible! They have a mini caf, and they sell crocodile meat.

They also have a souvenir shop but just a tip, don’t but anything there yet because there is a bargain place in the city where you would be able to use a credit card for your purchases (wait for that blog in this Palawan series) and if you pay cash you would be able to buy the same items at a discounted price.

Palawan Crocodile farm Costs:

Entrance:                                                 PHP 40/head
Picture with baby croc (optional) PHP 30

Total:      PHP 70

*picture of me and the crocodile taken by my brother David


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