Because life is too short

OMy birthday at Bohol Beach Club, 2011ver the past few weeks (and some over the years), I started listing the things that I want to do in this life of mine, Some perhaps are very easy, some are scary, and others very long term.

Traveling is a Major component of my life so most in my list is for traveling, then photography, family and self.

I hope to be able to accomplish as many of the things in the list as possible, and perhaps I’d be able to do more than 100 things.

Be able to name 3 constellations
Lie on the grass and watch the clouds
Have a good camera
Run the Milo run
Go to Boracay
Ride a boat in the Palawan Underground River
Go to Sagada
Bungee Jump
Shoot a 365
Go to a Desert
Own a house
Ride the London Eye
Have an iPhone
Have a 26 waistline
Have a Nude/Semi-nude photo shoot
Get a Pierce
Swim with the dolphins
Ride a bike
Learn to drive
Have a beautiful wedding
Have Children
Have Grandchildren
Be a wedding planner
Do yoga
Master a sport
Visit another country
See the Great Wall of China
Fall in love
Watch all Academy Award best picture
Listen to 100 albums
Read 52 books in a year
Try bikini waxing
Have a life sized stuff toy
Attend a local fiesta
Have an organized Photo filing system
Host a charitable event
Make a quilt
Learn to sew
Make a shell curtain/display
Have a room with a bathroom
Walk in closet
Have 10 BDJs
Get a Passport
Go on a vacation with mom
Go on a vacation with dad

My dad and I in the Palawan Underground River, Palawan
Have an underwater camera
Complete the Rampling series
See 7 of the 7 wonders (old and new)
Be featured on the WP page
Have all 7 HP books in Hardcover
Have an MA degree
Learn an Instrument
Go on a cruise
Learn how to do own makeup
Visit the Chocolate hills
See my 2 brothers in the US
Make a family tree
Know Relatives from my Grandfather’s side
Have a million pings on my blog
Have a photo exhibit
Be published
Own a chowchow
Be debt free
Finish Patapon 1 and 2
Dance 1 song in Dance Dance Revolution
Sing to a Crowd
Find out that song
Go to Disney and hug Mickey
Have a Laptop
Spend a day at the beach alone
Watch the sunrise
Go to the beach with the KH kids
Be surprised on my birthday
Buy a black coach bag
Bake a cake
Make a book about him and me
Have a diamond set
Learn to swim
Make a snow angel
Have a pair of RayBan
Scuba Dive
Ride an old fashioned train
See the pyramids
See the Parthenon
Climb the tallest building on earth
Ride a killer coaster
Make love on the beach
Learn a third language
Visit all the UNESCO world heritage sites in the Philippines
Be famous at my own right
Have a big tree for Christmas at my home
Pass on a family heirloom
Take cowie around the world

Cowie in Boracay
Have straight teeth
Travel with only money on hand
Go to an aquarium
Have a million
Finish a 2000pc puzzle
Have a 365 in Polaroid

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