Palawan: The Tricycle

  Most trip packages to Palawan would cost you PHP 600 per head just for a day trip in Puerto Princesa, but being the thrifty traveler like me, I will not succumb to the idea of this tourist trap. Of course it helps the community or local businesses but there are other small players in the game: the tricycle drivers.

Getting off the plane and landing in the city of Puerto Princesa made me so happy! My travel companions and I expected that it would be a great day for all of us.

After freshening up at our hotel, we went outside and met the friendly manong lino, he was a tricycle driver who always waits outside the Ysabelle mansions. We asked him to drive us to the best restaurant he could think of then we ended up at the Bila-o at Palayok. After going in the restaurant we struck a deal with him, we asked him to drive us to the places we want to (city tour like) for PHP600 and he agreed. From PHP 600 per person we got the city tour for the same price but the difference was it was for all 5 of us.

Mang Lino, the friendly local who toured us in the city

We went to:

Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center (also known as the Crocodile Farm)
Palawan Butterly Garden
Immaculate Heart Cathedral
Plaza Cuartel
Palawan Museum

We decided not to go to Baker’s hill and Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm anymore.

Puerto Princesa day trip costs:

Transportation:          PHP 600
Crocodile farm:           PHP 40/head
Butterfly Garden:      PHP 15/head
Palawan Museum:    PHP 20/head
Tip:                                  PHP 100

Total:                             PHP 775

Total per Pax:  215

Photo of tricycle by: David


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