Palawan food: Bila-o at Palayok

Imagine this:

Being able to eat sumptuous food at the right price, leaving the place and all we were thinking about was going back to eat there again. That was our first food experience in the city of Puerto princesa.

Asking our driver what he would recommend as the best in Palawan, he brought us Rizal avenue and introduced us to Bila-o at Palayok.

The feel of the place is very native, as there were nipa huts and kawayan furniture. We had a great table, it was low and Japanese style so we had to sit Indian style on futons that i really wanted to take home, and we even had our own hammock in our little nook.

Since there were 5 of us to be more economical we decided to get the Boodle feast, it claims to be good for 4-5 people but boy, it was for more than that! 7 persons could have ordered the Boodle and everybody would still be full, so imagine us 5 chomping on the crab, grilled pork and laing to name a few, it was such a good treat to our hungry tummy.

Boodle feast:

Sugba kilaw – sisig like and very very good!
Grilled squid – a big one!
Laing – yum!
Green Mango fiesta – it also included tomatoes and red egg
Sweet grilled pork – what’s a boodle with out this? 😀
fried tawilis or lamayo – lamayo is local delicacy
Chicken adobo – tasted like the best home cooked adobo of my lola
Steamed crab – 3 pieces of this delight
Boneless bangus – the fish meat was to die for! its was soo fresh!
rice – java rice

Honey feasted on her Buko shake, and she claims, after the end of our Palawan trip that it was the best buko shake of all, as compared to all the other restaurants we were in.

Normally if we are in Manila what we had for lunch would have cost more than what we paid for, we shelled out PHP 1100 for the whole meal plus drinks, but for 5 persons, its worth all the money that we spent!

Bila-o at Palayok costs:

Boodle                              PHP 850
Shake                                PHP 60
Drinks (canned soda)   PHP 35
Leche flan                       PHP 40

  Total:                                PHP 1090

pax: PHP 218

*taxes included, no service charge


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