Palawan: For the first time

Kharlo first flight, and my first time in Palawan 😀


The trip to Palawan was indeed a blast! I have always wanted to go to the Underground river and I have always wanted to go there with my friend Kharlo, because it was his dream too. So as a wedding gift for him and one of my bestfriends Honey, together with my brother and dad we all went our merry way to the city of Puerto Princesa.

I purchased our tickets for only Php 300 each (all in) on a seat sale with Air Phil Express a few months back, it was such a lucky buy don’t you think?
We went to the Airport early and had our breakfast there, I was happy to see that there are already a lot of establishments open at 5am.

We got on the 7am flight and hour later our pick-up for our free hotel transfer was waiting for us outside. What I like about hotel transfers is that it makes me feel at ease, I’m new there and I know that we won’t get lost, at least there is comfort in knowing that there is someone waiting for you, and of course its FREE! 😀

Going to Palawan costs:

Cab:                             PHP 220 (from Pasig to T3)
Air fare:                       PHP 1500 (for 5)
Breakfast:                   PHP 250 (coffee and donut for 5)
Terminal fee:             PHP 1000 (200 per head)

Hotel Transfer:      FREE!
    Total:  PHP 594 pax


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