Starting all over again

The best tools I have ever had for being able to go to the places that I wanted to was my job, so that I can have the money to travel and a knack for research, which helps me to look for the best deals or make my own trip itinerary.

A lot of people would tease me for having a ton of money for being able to travel as much as I do, but to tell you honestly traveling does not need to be expensive, I don’t buy clothes or shoes or cosmetics, I travel. That is the only fetish that I have. My trips does not cost more than pHP10,000, I do my best to get to where I want to go to in the most efficient and cost effective way. I have to admit, traveling in style is also good once in a while, but as much as possible, I keep it to a minimal.

Traveling has taught me to be closer to God. I grew up in a catholic environment, I even studied in an all girls catholic school. Though, sad to admit that I do not go to church as much I should, every time I travel, see the blue sky, the untainted waters, the fresh breeze, and a view that takes one’s breath away. I always find myself gasping, and saying under my breath, God is good. To see nature at its purest form, to experience different cultures, to eat good food, and to be part of a different world than your own, these are simple things that he gave us to enjoy and be grateful for.

Seeing the world and capturing the moment and savoring every minute of a trip does not fail to make my heart skip a beat. I love traveling, it is the best part of my life, and I wish to share it with you.

I dedicate the pages of this site to all who share my passion, to the people who wants to travel, to the people who wants to leave their footprints across the globe, smell the different smells, taste the different taste, and immerse in a totally different culture than their own, this is for you!



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