Ho Ho Ho

Homer (my studio apartment) will be having a few visitors this upcoming weeks so I’m doing a bit of cleaning

This week my dad and 2 bestfriends, recently married, Kharlo and Honey will be staying the night, we have an early flight so  Homer will be our starting point.

Then the week after that, my mom will be here in Manila to visit me and my brother.

Next month, there might be a party for Christmas too.

So, earlier when I was throwing some scraps of paper and what nots, thought of snowflakes and gifts entered my mind, I decided to take out my white Christmas tree from its hiding place.

In my old house I had a green knee high tree, I made my small stuffed toys be the decor for the tree. My new tree is small and is made of steel, and has a ton of glitters glued on it, there is no way I am able to hang anything on it. That is when I decided. I need a new tree.

I will make my own tree, without a tree, just an illusion of one.

I’ll post the final product once it’s done, so you better watch out for it.

HINT: the photo above kinda is the inspiration for my tree.


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