12 days of Christmas

The holidays are coming! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. People are nice, gifts are given, colorful lights and decorations, plus you get to meet all your friends and be in touch with everyone.

Whats not to love about that?

Its like everybody is celebrating their birthday all at once.

And since it is the season of giving, like always I list the top things that I wish Santa will give me.

1. Fuji Instax Mini 7s Mickey Mouse Edition

I have always wanted to have an instax for quite sometime now, I dream of shooting a 365 day book using an instax. Having a Mickey edition makes me want it even more.

2. Rayban Aviator Shades

I only wished for one pair of Rayban but when I got a pair a couple of months back, I wanted more. So long story short I want one of these babies.

3. Skull Candy Earbuds with Mic

I bought one of these last Christmas, but it got damaged. The sound was fantastic and the color variations are nice, so I have been wanting to buy them again for my iPhone.

4. Teflon Pan

I like cooking, and my teflon pan that was bought around 4 years ago is damaged and is not really teflon coated anymore. So I feel that it is high time to get a new pan as a replacement.

5. Make up set and tutorials

I am not really the girlish girl type, I go as I am. Sometimes I make an effort to put some color on my face but I think that I really need a make over for the more serious events in life.


6. Nail Polish

I want them in every color, and I want the Crackle nail polish too. I love painting my nails because I always keep them long. Its the only girly thing that I do.

7. iPad2

I want one but not as much as an iPhone 4. I love the convenience and the apps and everything about it.

8. Black Coach Bag

Yes I want one.

9. Shopping Spree

I want to change my wardrobe, some of the clothes I wear were the same ones that I have been wearing since  I was in college. I think I should let go of some of them and start fresh. Make over anyone?

10. Photo Printer

I just want to have one conveniently available at home, I want to be able to see my Photos on paper and not just on screen.

11. White iPhone 4

I love my iPhone 3 but there a lot of things that it cannot do, Face time, a great camera and iOS5 are one of the few reasons why I want to switch.

12. Charlotte’s Web

A copy of the first novel that I have ever read. 😀

I think I have been a good girl, I hope Santa is able to stumble upon my blog and grant me one of my wishes. 😀

*photos are not mine! Thanks to Google search for the images*


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