Bohol Tour Services

I have always thought that if i see the chocolate hills, and be near a tarsier, there will be nothing else to do in Bohol.

But as we have experienced there is more to the Island of Bohol than just that.

With the help of a new found friend Paul, we were able to learn more about Bohol and have a wonderful experience.

If you are going to be in need of any Tour services in the island please do contact him. You can visit his page here.

He is an all in one person that you can definitely rely on, he knows the Island well, he drives fast, gets you to where you need to be safely and takes awesome pictures! For only Php2000 for the whole day, renting their car and services was so worth it

I will talk more about the different places to visit in Bohol in the later pages. But for now i just want to share with you that Incon Bohol Tours is something that i highly recommend. 😀

Chocolate Hills, Bohol, 2011

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