Bohol Basics: Vest Pension House

On our first night in Bohol, since bunch and I will be tacking a whole day tour of some hotspots in the island, I chose to stay at an affordable pension house in the city of Tagbilaran.

We arrived at almost noon, and the hotel personnel was already there to pick us up from the airport. With a sign of the hotel and my name underneath, we got into a van and drove to the hotel to freshen up before we start our day.

Vest Pension house, offers clean, nice, quiet and cozy-homey-type of rooms, with Hardwood floors at the second floor, you have to step lightly for each step you take makes a really loud sound that reverberates on the empty corridors.

All staff personnel were kind and welcoming, and the room once we got there was bigger than i expected. A whole family can fit there with ease.

The water flowing from the taps were a bit warm though i am not sure if it was because the had hot water or its just that the water there was warmer.

The room was odorless, so that was a really good sign.

Free breakfast was offered from 6:30 to 10, with the overnight stay and they had 4 set meals to offer.

Cable television and free Wifi are also offered.

It was a good place to sleep, with the heavy drapes, we thought it was still night time even if it was already 9am.

The only downfall for me was the telephone services, if one room was using the line, you won’t be able to make any outside calls. I really don’t understand why, but if someone decided to hog the phone and you had to call for emergency or for something important then, poor you.

To know more about the hotel, click here.


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