There is no place like Homer

Today I begin another journey. The task at hand is to share with you how I am able to go about town and be at different places. I have been meaning to start my travel journal but i have had the most difficult time because basically, I do not know where to begin.

So i decided, what better place to start than home.

I love naming things,  my camera, my computer, my bag, pens, or whatever things that surround me. It’s something quirky that you should know about me.

Homer and i have the deepest relationship, he is my bestfriend and he keeps all my secrets, he keeps me safe, he keeps me warm and he is always here for me.

Homer is my studio apartment, quaint, littered, on top of everyone else.

I live in the city called Pasig in the Philippines. I have never imagined myself living anywhere else but in Quezon City, but looky where i am now. Single, independent, it’s like i’m playing house.

I am liking Pasig because it is near the places that i need to be, work, family, malls, etc.

I love homer because:

1. Eastwood is one jeep and trike away, so is SM Marikina

2. Rent is cheap (well at least for me it is)

3. There is a grocery and a hospital 2 blocks away from my residence.

4. My work place is very near, even if i leave the house 30 minutes before my shift, i still have time to dilly dally before my shift starts

5. Its a quiet and safe place, there are street watchers that patrol at night.

6. My bowl and sink are HCG made.

7. I have the only unit with a veranda with the view of Eastwood city.

8. 24 hour transportation to Quezon City, Ortigas, Marikina, Antipolo and Makati.

9.  Homer is modular, so i can move things around whenever i want to.

10. Neighbors are not as noisy as those in my previous apartment. 😀

So these are the things that i can say about homer. My lovely home.


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