10 of 10

I have started this tradition of counting down the 10 best things that happened to me in the year 2010.

I predicted that 2010 will be a good year, a good year for love, for work, friends and family. And it was.

As the last day of the year let me end it with my top 10 for 2010.

10. school

I have kept a strict goal list for the year 2010 and i met almost all of them except the impossible ones. But going back to school, even for photography is an achievement for me. learning new things is really heaven 😀

9.  travel

i was able to go to cebu in january, boracay in february, tagaytay and laguna in april, baguio in may and corregidor in june, two places where i usually go and other places that i am new to.

8. shows

I was able to see Cats in Manila with my brother we got awesome seats!  and also Dashboard Confessionals with my babe, they were two great shows !

7. niki

After a long wait. Kody dying, my noknok unknown, i was able to have niki. When niki was born my life became more colorful. In the 7 months that we were able to spend together, i was able to have 2 couple shoots, 3 solos, 1 photowalk, a wedding, and a ton of adventure! Niki has always been beside me when i sleep, times were rare that niki is not by my side.

6. family

It was my birthday resolution that i will spend more time with family, this year i was able to spend special occasions with my family, including my birthday, all souls day, and christmas, more plans for the next year 😀

5. international

It was the first time for me to travel international. Anya was such a dear to me this year and became the best girlfriend (literally) we travelled hong kong and macau in 4 days, going to disney, ocean park, ruins of st.paul, madamme tessauds, venetian hotel and a lot more. It was a great adventure and the ultimate trip!

4. friends

I was able to do some major bonding with my friends, kat, ian, honey, kharlo, erin, marc, kissy, shean, calay, gina, cheska, jonah, liway and also my new friends at work, pie, gnet, edmar, tina, rhona, mamu, wis plus star, and my highschool barkada, thessa and marivic, there was even a time that i watched a movie with nice and richard 😀 having dates with jen too was a treat. plus i was able to still go out with my concert buddies, majo, levi and donna the nycti family.

I do not want to be the outcast anymore,just as i used to be in the previous years when i closed my doors to everyone. I am happier now.

3. bonding girls

We met had lunch and even if we do it once a year (since gracie is in the states and we have different jobs) In our hearts im sure that we will have our same places. The time when we saw each other it was as if nothing happened, as we did not spend more than a year apart. I love these girls.

2. martin and mom

This is the year that i am developing a much better relationship with my mom, and with martin entering our lives it was such a big joy in my heart. I am grateful for facebook for bringing us together.

1. him

We turned one year old in 2010. Of course the source of my great happiness, still top 1 of this years list. He has opened up to people and shared to them about us, he has been nothing but supportive, and caring, and giving, and loving. We have been through so many things, he has made my life not just bearable but genuinely happy, he’s like my rehab, as i am his, i don’t know, we just complement each other really well, liking the mundane things, being childish in the same way, knowing the same things, liking the same things, knowing what each others needs are at the exact time, not having to speak but just knowing. he’s just a real fit. Everything fits, snuggly :D. I’ve liked him ever since college and i still do right now. And i still keep falling for him everyday. Edward is really the #1 of 2010.



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