the year that was 2009

**Exported from old blog page so photos are missing**

It was a year that was full of tears, laughter and crazy things!

I quit, lost and found a new job.
My heart broke and it healed.
I spent more time with other people than i am used to.
I opened up my world to new things.
I have learned a lot of new things, and i’m striving for a better me.

Thank You 2009!

Here is a recap of my best 10 for the year:

10. Team Dianne

Of course having my wonderful team was really great. I miss these people because the chemistry of the team was just really great. They were not only a team for me but very good friends. I was with them until March of this year before I resigned my Job at YBM which is also one of the saddest things that i had to do in 2009. I laughed with them cried with the ate and drank with them. How I wish it was just that easy again.

Greatest moment: Fishy, Team meetings, Tin Pan, khuya’s

9. Birthday

My birthday in 2009 was great too. I celebrated it with my mom which is generally  rare occurrence. I can’t remember the last time I celebrated it with her. It might have been that far back or I’m just having a memory lapse. But in 2009 she flew from Cebu to Manila to be here for my birthday. It was so nice to have her. I love my mom!

8. FeeFeeGee

My most special Girls. Ella and Kai are gret friends. They are so patient with my stupidity and naivety, they are blunt in what they say to me because they are real with me. Even if what they say will hurt they say it. They did their best to wake me up from one particular situation. And they got my back even if I am wrong in my decisions. We are different in many ways, in how we dress, our taste, our look on things and so on. But the most important thing is that we are friends and we love each other much!

Greatest moment: Sinulog 2009, camwhoran everywhere, everyday.

7. Friends

2009 was the year where in I met more friends than I did in the past years since I graduated in college. I met with my Highschool friends, went out with gina, calay, jonah and layn in the early part of the year. Met up with my college barkada kharlo, ian, kat, anya, elai, edward, honey and jo in later part of 2009. Saw jen a couple of times. My BG ella, kai, grace, brenda nd abi. It was a great year in terms of reconnecting with the outside world. I hate the fact that I shut myself from the world for the longest time. But since this year with everything that happened to me, I know that I have a lot of friends who love me and will accept me in whatever i do or whoever I am.

6. Sherry Ann Narciso

My besie! She always picks me up when I am down. And I do the same for her. There was a time when we didn’t see each other much but that did not change our relationship. this year we spent more time together and she taught me how to live again this year. :p Happy days.

Greatest moment: Manoring, Tambay mode at QC, talking for hours on the phone

5. Cagayan de Oro

One of the best trips I have had in my year. with raymund, majo and levi. White water Rafting, zip line, inom at a local bar. It was just a great experience.

4. Cebu

Super special place for me. I went there 3 times this year

january: with FeeFeeGee for the sinulog festival
June: to meet my grandma for the first time in a decade.
August: with raymund to go to Sto.Nino Church

went to the beach 3 times at cebu, ate lechon, spent time with my mom, had fun with my friends, got to know my family, became closer to my cousin phillip and my uncle caloy, ate a lot of food in buffets,had a family picture.

3. Homer

Moving to a new apartment was one of the best things that I did in 2009. It was a big move for me. I love homer! it is the best place i have been in years. its a quaint, clean, cozy and peaceful studio apartment. It has a veranda that overlooks eastwood city, with HCG toilet set and fully tiled floors. LOL! its just so nice.

2. MAE

Watching Mae live in Manila. 7 years in the Waiting. Need I explain more?

1. Him

With him. Is him. Heart him. Who is him? Is he….? well wait for it!


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